Smoke Alarm Product Safety Standards

Smoke alarms and fire protection equipment are some of the most heavily regulated safety equipment in Australia.

Australian product safety standards have been set to create a benchmark for all smoke alarms and fire protection equipment. As innovation and new technology has been rapid in this industry, the Australian product safety standards have been constantly changing to keep pace. Products that were acceptable 10 years ago are now no longer acceptable.

At Smokey's you can rest assured that you are buying products that are compliant with the latest standards. All of our smoke alarms comply with Australian Standard AS 3786-1993 (which currently runs to nearly 20 pages of detailed technical and performance specifications).

Unlike the big box hardware stores, we intimately know the Australian Standards and ensure the products we sell and recommend are fully compliant.

Smoke Alarm Legislation & Regulations

The Australian Government and each of the States and Territories have enacted detailed legislation and regulations around the installation and maintenance of smoke alarms.

At Smokey's Smoke Alarms, it is our business to know each of the relevant legislative requirements, to ensure our clients are compliant.

For example, in Queensland for all properties built later than 1997, or where substantial renovations have taken place, buildings must have hard-wired smoke alarms installed.

Other Queensland compliance issues include:

  • all dwellings must have a smoke alarm;
  • as a legal minimum, one smoke alarm must be installed on the ceiling of each storey; and
  • smoke alarms must be installed on the likely evacuation route of each storey.

For more information about Queensland's regulations on smoke alarms, please click on the links below.

Queensland Fire & Rescue:

If you have any compliance questions, please contact us and one of our experts will help you.